Volfstengrad.pngVolfstengrad is the capital city of Volfsten. Perched atop wave-battered cliffs that overlook the Norwoth Sea, Volfstengrad in a frost-bitten city wracked by storms. Despite the poor weather of the area, Volfstengrad has stood for centuries.


Originally purposed as a stronghold, the city was built by the dwarves thousands of years ago. At that time, it was called Fort Balderk. During a short ice-age, the water levels rose, forcing the dwarves to migrate west, where they eventually settled in the Giant’s Club Mountains. Once the water levels receded, a warlord and his clan settled the dwarven city, renaming it Vermici (after his family’s name). The Vermici family began a campaign to conquer the baronies of Volfsten, and sparked what would be one of the bloodiest civil wars in all of history. The Blood Wars, as they were later called, resulted in countless deaths. The legendary hero, Kain Volfyr united the clans of Volfsten and resisted the Vermici family. Kain slew the warlord, thus claiming the capital city. The city was later named in his honor, and a bronze statue of Kain Volfyr remains in the plaza of Volfstengrad to this day.

The Volfyr family has ruled Volfsten for nearly five hundred years now. Kain’s descendant, Darius, is the current King of Volfsten. He is a fair and just king, but strangely enough, he and is rarely seen in public. His wife, Liliana Volfyr, makes more public appearances.

Volfstengrad is separated into four quarters: the Lower Quarter, the Merchant’s Quarter, the High Quarter, and the Royal Palace. As its name implies, the Lower Quarter is home to commoners. The Lower Quarter is a place where crime is rampant. House Rinari is a guild of thieves and mercenaries. House Rinari is led by the infamous Prince of Rags. Once a beggar, the Prince in Rags discovered a distant connection to the Volfyr royal family. Believing part of the family’s wealth belongs to him, he started a guild of thieves that steals from the noble families of Volfstengrad and gives the “proceeds” to the needy. The Prince in Rags has proven himself a very slippery thief, having escaped from the Vistran Prison eight times.

The Merchant’s Quarter provides a plethora of goods and services. Merchants line the streets, peddling their wares to travelers and citizens alike. Food, drinks, weapons, armor, memorabilia, potions, trinkets, and anything else you can think of – it’s all sold here. Merchants come from all over to sell their wares in one of the most profitable and busy locations in Volfsten.

The High Quarter is home to Volfstengrad’s richest class, and many wealthy merchant families have made their homes here. The High Quarter also offers its share of services. The University of Arcanium is a college for wizards to study magic without persecution. The High Quarter is home to the Saint Cuthbert’s Basilica. The Basilica was built in honor of Saint Cuthbert (a paladin of Bahamut), who saved the city a hundred years ago from a red dragon. Now, the Basilica houses Saint Cuthbert’s remains, and many clerics make pilgrimage to this holy site. Clerics and paladins of Saint Cuthbert that rise to a high enough rank are called templars, and act as the city’s police force.


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