The Heron Marshes

Located just to the west of the Jagged Peaks are the* Heron Marshes*. As its name implies, many herons live in the area.

The Heron Marshes are dangerous if one strays too far from its narrow path. Specters and chokers (monstrous humanoids that strangle their prey) haunt the marshes at night, ambushing travelers in the dark. Assassin vines entangle travelers’ feet and drown them in the shallows. The fog comes alive and takes the shape of malevolent air elementals. Will-o-wisps lure travelers from the road and to their deaths. Basilisks lurk in the waters, ready to petrify unsuspecting adventurers. Cockatrices scavenge in packs, turning their prey to stone.

Due to the great number of creatures in the area with the ability to petrify, the statues of what were once adventurers dot the marshes, stone testaments to the danger that lurks in the marshes.

Despite all these terrible creatures, a colony of halflings has established their village among the marshes, where they are generally well-protected.

The Heron Marshes

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