The dwarven kingdom of Khordaldrum was built centuries ago and extends miles below the surface of the earth. The city of is a hub of trade, drawing merchants from all over Volfsten to come and sell their wares. Also attracting travelers is the dwarves’ reputation of being the finest smiths in all of Baltaria. Dwarven weapons and armor are famous for being of the highest quality and for being unnaturally durable.

Khordaldrum is well known for its military academy, which has educated some of Baltaria’s best commanders and tacticians. The military might of Khordaldrum is unsurpassed by any in Volfsten, perhaps even the world.

Khordaldrum is also home to the Khordal Archives, an extensive library with every piece of literature imaginable. Scholars, wizards, and even some bards flock to the Archives to study, but many are turned away. The dwarves of Khordaldrum are mistrustful of outsiders, making entry to the Archives a long and difficult process. The dwarven wizards of Khordaldrum, however, are renowned for their prowess with the arcane arts.

The city is governed by Rangrim Snowforge, an elderly dwarf known for his strong sense of justice. Lord Snowforge comes from a long line of dwarven rulers, and he is very proud of his heritage.

Many outsiders mistake the mountain dwarves of Khordaldrum for their close cousins, the hill dwarves. However, the hill dwarves live to the southeast in the region of New Holderhek. The two subraces have had a heated rivalry for centuries.

Half-dwarves (sometimes referred to as _mul_s), the offspring of a human and a dwarf, are often found wandering these parts of Volfsten. Outcasts from dwarven society, many seek refuge in human villages and ciites.


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