Grayrock is populated primarily by humans and secondarily by half-orcs. Elves and dwarves occasionally stop through on their way to the capital during the summer months. While most other people in Volfsten are accustomed to living in solid houses, the people of Grayrock prefer the more traditional wigwams of their ancestors. Grayrock got its name from the strange granite boulder at the village’s center that is covered in primitive paintings. Many believe that Grayrock was once the home of a tribe of ancient humanoids.

Scholars occasionally pass through the village to inspect the boulder. Grayrock is more or less “governed” by the elderly Earl Asfrid Stovrinar. Although Asfrid possesses the title of “Earl” she uses the term loosely. She is more of a village chieftan than nobility.

Asfrid is known throughout the region as being a witch doctor, credited with powers of healing, foresight, and protection against the magic of others. Asfrid is sometimes criticized by the other Earls of Volfsten as being too “old-fashioned”.

Asfrid occasionally takes up an apprentice and teaches them the ways of earth-magic. These apprentices later become full-fledged druids (or sometimes clerics). Some even manage to develop the divination powers of Asfrid.


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