Faust is a desolate ghost town – literally. This coastal harbor was once a bustling hub for trade. Faust was famous for its shipwrights and experienced sailors. About fifty years ago, strange things began to happen around the city. Every night, murderous spirits walk the streets of Faust. Foolish is the citizen who answers a knock on their door after midnight. Now, trade from the Eastern Kingdoms has stopped flowing through Faust, cutting off the lifeblood of the town.

The Earl of Faust, Corbin Deval is a very calm man and is very welcoming. In solitude, however, he is deeply depressed. Many of the citizens of Faust blame his court wizard for the paranormal events happening in the town. Corbin is suspicious of his court wizard, but is afraid to confront him about it.

The citizens are very mistrusting of magic-users and outsiders.


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