Shadow Over Volfsten

A Brief History of Volfsten

Where does your character fit into all of this?

This post contains vital information regarding some of the history of Volfsten and the context in which this campaign will take place.

Volfstengrad is the capital city of Volfsten. Perched atop wave-battered cliffs that overlook the Norwoth Sea, Volfstengrad is a frost-bitten city wracked by storms. Despite the poor weather of the area, Volfstengrad has stood for centuries as a hub for trade. It attracts peoples of all cultures and races, making it the largest, most diverse city in the North.

Volfstengrad is a city steeped in history – starting with when the city was built thousands of years ago by the dwarves. At that time, it was called Fort Balderk. During a short ice-age, the water levels of the Norwoth Sea rose, forcing the dwarves to migrate west, where they eventually settled in the Giant’s Club Mountains.

Once the water levels receded, a warlord and his clan settled the then-abandoned dwarven city, renaming it Vermici (after his family’s name). The Vermici family began a campaign to conquer the baronies of Volfsten, and sparked what would be one of the bloodiest civil wars in all of history. The Blood Wars, as they were later called, resulted in the innumerable deaths.

The legendary hero, Kain Volfyr united the clans of Volfsten and resisted the Vermici family. Kain slew the warlord, thus claiming the capital city. The city was later renamed in his honor, and a bronze statue of Kain Volfyr remains in the plaza of Volfstengrad to this day.
The Volfyr family has ruled Volfsten for nearly two hundred years now. Kain’s descendant, Darius, is the current King of Volfsten.



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