Stublentilheim McStabby

Vicious and anti-social with delusions of grandeur...and a savage napolean coplex


Volfsten Police Record

Subject: Stublentilheim McStabby

Height: 3’ no inches

Weight: 15 lbs.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Mean

Identifying Markings: none known, however usually wears strange clothing due to lack of properly sized materials.


Police Docket 24601 Stublentilheim McStabby
Known Aliases: Stublen, The Mic, Sir Stab-a-lot and Bishop McDonald

Stublentilheim is the (made up) name of the region where his parents rule with an iron fist. Stolen away from his parents (allegedly) at an early age and then tossed into the nearest gutter when (alleged) parents wouldn’t pay the ransom.

Grew up with street urchins in various cities. Needed to move constantly due to ever lengthening rap sheet. At age seven, attacked three nuns. Charges never filed (point of interest: admitted to local chirgeon at same time of incident for contusions and concussion suffered from heavy blunt objects, most likely religious texts).

Teenage years spent moving from gang to gang. Various work with actual blackmarket guilds. Considered person of interest in vicinity of any crime, especially if there are an abundance of step stools or ladders used.

When apprehending bring mancatchers and wear shin guards and groin protective devices. Known biter.

Do not make references to subjects height unless absolutely sure all restraint devices are engaged.

Stublentilheim McStabby

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