Lord Blackthorne

The Earl of Vigil's Watch


This stern man is the Earl of Vigil’s Watch. His countenance is intimidating – he has long, dark hair, a grim expression, and wears an eyepatch over his left eye. But perhaps even more intimidating is this man’s reputation as a ruthless warrior – he is yet to be bested with a blade.

He has three sons:

The eldest is Ingus, a cocky and arrogant young man. He is generally detested among the townsfolk. He is skilled with a sword, but is otherwise completely incompetent.

The middle son is Ivan, who is much more level-headed and serious. He is surprisingly wise for his age, and can shoot an arrow straighter than anyone else in town.

Blackthorne’s youngest son is Jaeger. Believing Ingus is undeserving of the title of Earl once his father dies, Jaeger seeks to prove himself and inherit his family’s title as nobility.


Lord Blackthorne

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